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Nigerians understand the movie industry better than Ghanaians - Prince David Osei

Prince David Osei, Actor Prince David Osei, Actor

Ghanaian actor, model and producer, Prince David Osei, has mentioned that Nigerians are excelling in the movie industry as compared to their Ghanaian counterparts because of their high-level understanding of the creative arts.

Talking from experience, David who got back from Nigeria a week ago from a movie shoot shared that Nigerians treat movie making as a full-time job, where they report to set at 7am and close at 8pm daily.

Speaking to Doctar Cann on Happy98.9FM’s Ayekoo After Drive Show, he said, “24/7 they are filming and the crew is working. I stayed for 6 weeks and I shot about 6 movies. I got tired and decided to come back but I observed they are really working hard compared to Ghanaians.”

He believes Nigerians are making this much progress because they see the business aspect of movie making and also invest in it.

“They give it their all unlike we do here in Ghana. The best part is that these movies are shot with high-quality cameras and equipment. They really know what they are doing and they are not joking,” he shared.

Prince stated that the volumes of movies produced by Nigerians are amazing, “and this is why a lot of the movies we see on our screens, especially on international screens are all Nigerian movies.”

Citing an example he said, “Take DSTV for example, they show a lot of Nigerian movies and they even have channels exclusively for some of their local languages, and they are all doing well unlike Ghana.”

The actor also noted that Nigerians love and support their actors and actresses to the extent they make it seem like they are more or less worship them. “They are always happy to have an encounter with them.”

The actor advised that if Ghanaians want to reach the movie-making standard of Nigerians, “then Ghanaian actors, investors and producers of movies should put in more effort and get more investors to be able to do more than Nigerians.”