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Entertainment of Thursday, 29 July 2021

Source: YFM

Never be an irresponsible parent - Ekow Blankson tells parents

Ghanaian actor and corporate personality, Ekow Blankson Ghanaian actor and corporate personality, Ekow Blankson

Ghanaian Actor and Commerce Director of AfricaWeb, Ekow Blankson, has advised parents to be responsible towards their children.

Talking from experience, he shared that he has always been one who puts work before family but has grown to see the consequences.

Talking to Rev Erskine on Y 107.9 FM’s Y Leaderboard Series he said, “At a point in my career, I was beginning to get too passionate about work and now I’ve learned my lessons that family is very important and should always come first.”

He noted that although he was giving the family some time and attention, he gave work his all and paid less attention to the family.

“Not that I wasn’t giving family time at all but I gave it all when it came to working," he noted.

Ekow disclosed that one thing having a family has thought him is to never give up on children.

“I've learned that under no circumstance and at no point in time, should you allow somebody else to take care of your children and that has lived with me."

He emphasized that it is important to bring up your children by yourself because "they’re always paramount and there’s absolutely no way anybody will take care of my children."

Using himself as an example he stated that he had to learn his lessons the hard way but now he knows better.

Ekow said, “My father wasn’t irresponsible although he had his other sides, I would never be irresponsible. I’ll always make sure that even if the last dime I have must go to the kids' education or something that will lift them up, that’s what I’ll do."

In his opinion, the best gift any parent can give to their children is education, “When I talk about education it’s not just about paying the fees, but also following through to make sure you understand who the child is, what they can do and offer to advise."