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Entertainment of Friday, 25 June 2021


My family regarded me as a disgrace when I started comedy – Ajeezay

Ghanaian comedian, Ajeezay Ghanaian comedian, Ajeezay

Ghanaian comedian and musician, Ajeezay has shared that his family, especially his father had a different plan for his life other than comedy.

Coming from a family of learned professionals, Ajeezay was expected to follow a similar path but decided otherwise, and that did not please them.

“When I got to Accra, the whole pressure thing and they thinking I was disgracing my family was there because I’ve got doctors and lawyers in my family. My dad is a medical doctor and me pursuing comedy was not cutting it for him,” he told Nana Kwasi-Wusu (PM) on Y97.9FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe show.

He described his family as a typical African family where the father planned out the future of the children.

“He can even choose for you the lady you should marry and that is how much he cares about his family. So our parents always have the perception that we need to pursue an education and get a white-collar job so that our future is secured. But this time around, they didn’t know what I was doing.”

Ajeezay who was seen as an eagle in the midst of fowls believed in himself and forged on regardless of family pressures “and I am still on the journey.”

The comedian shared that he actually got a teaching job just to move his family’s attention from his comedy career but that did not pan out well. He was sacked from two teaching jobs without reason and that was the last straw for him.

“That is the point in time where I gave up and decided to follow my passion. I decided then that I was ready to deal with whatever may come. I kept pushing and going hard, making sure my thing was out there for somebody somewhere to hear about my work.”

Ajeezay who regards himself as a trendsetter in the Ghanaian comedy scene has a Bachelor’s degree in Education (Chemistry major and Biology minor). He graduated top of his class but decided to pursue a career in comedy.