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Entertainment of Sunday, 26 September 2021


Most current gospel musicians not committed – Noble Nketiah

Legendary Ghanaian gospel musician, Noble Nketiah Legendary Ghanaian gospel musician, Noble Nketiah

Legendary Ghanaian gospel musician, Noble Nketiah says most of the current gospel musicians lack the power to impart others with their songs.

He observes that unlike the past crop of gospel musicians, the current ones are not committed to the ministry.

He shared these thoughts during an interview with Happy FM’s Doctar Cann on the ‘Showbiz Xtra’ show.

“In those days, gospel musicians committed themselves to the ministry”.

“Today most gospel artistes sing to what is trending and what will be accepted. The thing shouldn’t be about what you want. It is God’s work so it must have an impartation. So if it is coming from you as a human, it is most likely that it won’t go far. It is what God inspires you to do that has an impartation and that is what they are lacking today”, he added.

Sharing his personal experience from the past, Noble stated that most of his songs were borne out of passion and enthusiasm and not because he wanted to rise to fame.

“The songs that come into your spirit, naturally, they carry power and in the past because we had the time, we committed everything to it”, he explained.

Noble Nketiah is known for his powerful gospel songs such as ‘Meteasi Yi’, ‘Me Wo Nyame Bi’, ‘Makoma Ahye Ma’, among others.

Ghanaian gospel musician, Noble Nketiah has advised against putting one’s trust in people who promise to double or even triple money through questionable means.

According to him, all those quick money ventures are dangerous and should be avoided.

Speaking on the importance of investment on the Showbiz Xtra show with Doctar Cann, he intimated: “I am putting this across that there is nothing like Sika Gari. Money cannot grow overnight. Don’t believe people who tell you that. If that person had huge sums of money, why would the person need a small amount of your money in the first place? That should tell you that it is a lie”.

He thus advised, “It is better to invest your money than to believe in the lie of Sika Gari”.

The gospel musician shared that during his heyday as a musician, he invested the monies he made out of music and today he is still reaping the benefits.