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Moans and Cuddles: Keep your vagina clean; men enjoy licking their women – Sexpert reveals

Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV play videoMoans and Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV

• According to a sexpert, most men enjoy eating out women during sex

•She has advised women to keep their vagina clean at all times

• Adding that there is a natural flavour in the vagina that can keep a man erected

Women who have had their male partners going down on them during lovemaking have explained that the feeling is great. According to them, it is one of the surest ways of reaching orgasm.

However, a vagina that is not kept clean can be a turn off for a man during sexual intercourse. For that reason, it is advisable to ensure that there isn’t any offensive smell from the vagina.

Also, women who have contracted vaginal infections must do well to get medical treatment.

Speaking on GhanaWeb’s sex and relationship show, Moans and Cuddles with Paulina Dedaa Opoku, Sexpert and Lifestyle coach, Anty Ami, revealed that most men enjoy eating their women out.

According to her, a man will only resit licking his woman when she doesn’t keep her vagina clean.

She explained that: “It is because you (women) are not keeping the palace well. If the vagina is perfect, no man will run away from it. Men enjoy licking more than women. I tell you. That’s the truth, you can ask them. They do enjoy it.”

“There is a natural flavour down there, that flavour adds spice to every sexual act but the women are killing that flavour with all sorts of things. That scent there (vagina) is for a purpose, it is the natural one but when there’s an infection that scent is different. If a man fingers you and doesn’t wash his hand and then smells it, that can give him another erection,” she added.

However, Sharon Triddle who was a guest on the show argued that not all men like the idea of liking their women during lovemaking.

She explained that several misconceptions have held men back from going the extra mile to ensure that women reach orgasm.

She noted: “I don’t agree with Aunty Ami saying that every guy likes licking, some of the men have the notion that it's unclean to lick the same vagina that experiences menstrual blood. Some of them also think that it's good to lick and they enjoy it, we have two different kinds of men here.”

Aunty Ami maintained that a huge number of men love the idea of liking their women as that also gives them sexual satisfaction.

“I interact with men, I am saying this on empirical evidence…there are a lot of men who after sex don’t return because of something fishy they smelt. To get your man coming to you always, you have to do the right thing by keeping the body clean. When you are clean you are confident."

Miss Triddles advised men to also keep their manhood clean if they expect their woman to give them a blow job during lovemaking.

“Some of the guys don’t keep their bodies clean, somethings you meet a guy, who wears the same boxers for more than two weeks without washing it. So, when you give such a person a blow job you can smell that this isn’t good. This can turn you off.”

‘Someone said that the grease under the penis of some men can polish a shoe and it is very bad,” Aunty Ami said laughing.

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