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Moans & Cuddles: Balancing the act of office romance

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Now imagine falling deeply in love with a colleague at work, but, due to company policy, you have to give up on your partner.

Office romance is frowned upon by some organizations who believe that a love affair can get in the way of work, but how true is this?

Can an office romance make one unproductive?

On this episode of Moans and Cuddles, host, Paulina Dedaa Opoku, sits with a Human Resource (HR) practitioner, Francisca Ashong, and the CEO of, Mystic Mike, to deliberate on how best an individual can balance their work and love affair in a work setting.

According to Francisca, one should dedicate their time and effort to their work and prevent being swayed by emotions.

She said: "For me, I think it is just not right, the emotions might be there, but we have to control ourselves when we go to the working sphere. Once emotions grow wild, it just goes like wildfire. You might say that I can handle it when there's a breakup. I assure you, you will not be able to handle it."

Also, Mystic Mike added that some persons who gave up their jobs for love ended up disappointed when their relationship hit the rocks.

"It has worked for some people and it has also backfired for others because this was an ultimate job for someone but they got swayed by love. They gave up their job, and it turned out it wasn't the ultimate picture they painted, the relationship might have crumbled," he noted.

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