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Entertainment of Friday, 30 August 2019


Meet Ghanaian foley artist who can imitate sounds of every animal

All over the world, foley artists are well respected for their art and earn quite appreciable figures.

However, Ghanaian youngster Justice Osei does it for the mere fun of it. For him, he does it to entertain various crowds from weddings to funerals etc.

Well, in case you just asked who a foley artist is, a foley artist is a person who creates (or re-creates) sounds for movies. For example, if the sound of an actor’s footsteps were not recorded well or lost when the voice was re-recorded, a Foley artist will recreate them (simply Google definition).

Justice Osei is simply a genius who is able to create the sounds of almost every animal. From pets at home in the wild.

Justice is a budding actor as well.

Watch this exclusive interview from below: