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Entertainment of Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Masking the King: A total African cultural experience

After enthralling lovers of stage plays with the Total Theater performance at the Kempiski Hotel, Urithi Entertainment Ltd producers of "Masking the King" is set to bring fun and entertain to the National Theater home of theatre productions in Ghana.

Masking the King is an exciting departure from what patrons of stage plays have been used to. This time, they are blending dance, music, poetry, miming, narration, movements, in one solid spectacle, a great rendition of Africa's rich tradition to the esteemed audience.

Set in a fictitious village, “Ntampa”, somewhere in Ghana, the play depicts how political power is bought through corruption and move on to perpetuate further corruption and injustice. This is portrayed with how Osabarima II ascends the throne as King of Ntampa by compromising some kingmakers and goes on to sell lands to foreigners and even gets in bed with some maidens in the village.

The play, however, ends with a renewed hope as this corrupt King is soon caught up in his own under-dealings and as such ousted from the throne to make way for the truthful heir, Wiafe.

Through music, dance, dialogue, mime, poetry and drumming, the rich traditions among the Akans in terms of funeral rites, festival celebrations and coronation ceremonies were colourfully presented on stage by actors.

The seamless synchronization of all these mentioned elements of arts enveloped the audience and as such many did not even realise they had sat for over one and half hours till the play ended. The adept way in which total African theatre was employed in “Masking the King” generated audience commentaries about how the play is positively different from the usual plays on offer by other theatre groups.

The stage lighting was very complementary of the scenes that were being performed and the sound effects were also spot-on. The singing of Ghanaian music at the background of some scenes also added much flavour to the action on stage as well as heightening suspense.

All actors were aptly costumed to enhance the role of the characters being played. With experienced actors such as Edinam Atatsi and Mawuli Semevo teaming up with many up and coming theatre artistes and professionals on stage, it was unsurprising that audience had a play certainly worth the price of their ticket.