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Love is not blind, use your brains - Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

• Counsellor Charlotte Oduro says love is never blind

• She has advised lovers to use their brains

• According to her, most mistakes are made by people who are in love

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has admonished individuals to not just walk in love but rather use their brains in marriages and relationships to avoid being played by their partners.

According to the Counsellor, who has been termed by many as 'controversial' based on some of her statements and stands in relationships and marriages, love is not blind as many individuals have been made to believe.

She is therefore calling on all to be wise even when they are in love just as the Bible tells Christians in Mattew 10:16, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

"Love is not blind, that kind of is love is of the world. Love is not blind; it sees all things. It is never true that love is blind, when you go in for someone, be on alert. Use your brains, even the Bible tells us to watch and pray," said Counsellor in an interview on My Lawyer My Counselor on TV XYZ.

She furthered that most women and men have committed huge mistakes in their marriages all in the name of love.

"Even when you are praying, open your eyes to avoid being stabbed with a knife. You cannot go into marriage if you are foolish. You have to be wise, some people are fooling in their marriages," she added.