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Lifestyle:What his X'mas present means

Have you ever wondered what your guy’s gift really means? Getting a gift is really exciting, especially if it’s a gift from the guy you really care about or love.

Although many guys are notorious for being terrible ‘gift-getters,’ most usually put some thought into gifts for girls they care about. By determining what your guy’s gift really means, you can see just how much thought he really put into your holiday gift!

A gift certificate: To most girls, unwrapping a gift certificate is kind of a bummer. However, if the gift certificate is for your favourite store or restaurant, it’s a good sign! It means your guy has been paying attention and although he didn’t pick a specific thing, he wants you to have something you will really love.

There is a downside to gift certificates, though! If the certificate is from a store you don’t really enjoy, it means he has no clue! Either you haven’t dropped enough hints or he didn’t feel like taking the time to really think about your gift!

If this is a brand new relationship, perhaps your guy just doesn’t know what you’re into yet. However, if you’ve been together for more than six months, he should have a hunch by now!

What you asked for: This is true love. What he's lacking in imagination he makes up for in adoration for you. While you may wish him to be spontaneous and surprise you, he's just not that way inclined but will be loyal, loving and kind. Annoying as it is, his gift choice may be simple but he's crystal clear on the way he feels about you. Simple as.

Pampering items: If your guy gets you candles, a bath set, a day at the spa or something similar – he gets bonus points! He cares about the way you feel and wants to pamper you.

If he gets your favourite scent or flavour, he really gets bonus points! Unless you slipped a wish list under his pillow, this means that he knows you well and thinks you deserve the best things in life!

Jewellery: Serious commitment. When your guy buys you jewellery, you can be sure that you mean a lot to him! Bling-bling isn’t cheap and guys who ‘just don’t care’ usually will not spend money on jewellery for their girl. When a guy buys a woman jewellery, it usually means he is committed and in it for the long haul. If he spends big on jewellery, it's because an expensive item, just like your relationship is going to be around forever. And what's more, he wants you to wear something everyday that reminds you of him – awwww.

Dresses: He's saying: 'This was made for you. I can't wait for you to wear this.'There's something truly sexy about a man that knows what his lady will like and look amazing in. It's a risky gift and takes a lot of thought (for a man at least). Buying clothes doesn't always mean he's not feeling your style - be happy girl. If he gets it right.

A Gadget: A caring relationship. In a weird way, him getting you an ipod/phone/camera is pretty considerate. It's something he secretly wants. Which translates to him valuing you as much as he does himself – making him perfect boyfriend material. Full marks should go to this gift even if you're not sure how to use it.

Perfume: Even if he's enlisted the help of a girl mate, getting a fragrance takes some serious research and effort to pull off. If he gets you a classic scent, he may mess up and get the same as his mum, something too sexy and you may think he's only after one thing, get you something you don't like and he'll be accused of not knowing you. See the dilemma? If he gets it right (or even if he gets it wrong) he's still a keeper. Your relationship is the perfect match.

A CD: Bad taste. Long gone are the days of compilation tapes, the effort that went into that would have made any man worthy of marriage. But with itunes and the rest, giving you a CD shows he not that fussed. Unless he's a DJ and has carefully chosen and mixed the tracks, otherwise this won't cut it and neither will the relationship.

Lingerie: Long lasting. From lovely lace numbers to barely-there bottoms, when you unwrap underwear this Christmas his thoughts aren't as obvious as you'd think.

He wants you to feel gorgeous for you and look gorgeous for him – a fair split. And if he manages to get you the right size, then you're heading for lifelong happiness.

And if he gives... nothing: He's saying: 'You don't actually think I take you seriously, do you?'. No one needs to tell you anything. You know what to do with such.