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Entertainment of Sunday, 31 August 2014

Source: Graphic Showbiz

Let’s upgrade our concept of indecent dressing - Kisa

Kisa Gbekle came into movie circles about three years ago but she has made a strong impression on her admirers and circles, because of her love for taking flattering pictures of her body.

“Yes, I love to show off myself because, admit it, I have a nice figure,” the actress and musician told Showbiz last week.

“I have had people bashing me for my body pictures which they describe as semi-nude but whatever God has created is beautiful and thankfully, He has blessed me with certain features that I am not ashamed to show in public so what do I do? I have to flaunt them.

“I am someone who tries to stay fit and therefore I make the effort to maintain my body shape. I would not be taking pictures of myself if, for example, I had a big stomach.

I know I look good in those pictures plus I have a beautiful body so why not? We have people who take shots in bikini at beauty pageants, are they also not half naked? Yet, we say nothing about it. Why then do we have to bash others who do the same thing?” she asked.

Responding to a question whether she is not perturbed about how society may stereotype her as a “slut,” she said, “I have full knowledge of how society see certain things but I think especially in Ghana, it is high time we upgraded our concept of indecent dressing. After all, I don’t show my private parts, do I?

“Some Ghanaians are hypocrites, we watch pornography and all kinds of things and yet we come out to bash people for less than what they watch,” she said.

About what motivates or where she gets the idea to take such pictures, she said, “I love to download pictures of people I look up to so far as entertainment is concerned. The likes of Yvonne Nelson, Rihanna, Keri Hilton, Tiwa Savage among others. I also try to imitate the poses I see in those pictures with the belief that, I will look good in them.”

The Twerk singer said she has plans of settling down but did not see her love for taking pictures of her body a threat to her dream of becoming a wife and mother in the future.

“Of course, it is every lady’s dream to settle down as a wife but I do not think my pictures will have anything to do with a man coming for me or not. I want a man who will want me for who I am. The fact that I do things like that does not mean I lack qualities of a good wife or mother.

“So if the man sees the qualities I possess and he is interested, he will come and that will serve as a sign that, the man was made for me a man who will understand me and will take time to know the part of me that people do not know,” she said.

Movies that Kisa has featured in include Accra Runs, 8PM, The Will, Stand By Me, Alvina, Accra Hustler and Miser and Trapped in a Cage TV Series.

Kisa started acting in secondary school in various stage dramas and according to her, she always came out as the best actress in such school programmes.

Upon completion, she joined the Volta Regional Theater group and gradually learned the ropes of the profession from there, she enrolled into Ghallywood Academy and completed as one of the overall best students.

Kisa describes herself as bold, confident and a determined survivor. She is currently promoting her Twerk song and will hit the waves with another single, title Black Anaconda soon.