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Tabloid News of Friday, 20 August 2021


Learn about car maintenance as much as you learn about makeup – Women advised

According to her, car maintenance is not for men only, women can as well learn the basics According to her, car maintenance is not for men only, women can as well learn the basics

Female spare parts dealer, Paulina Adu, popularly known as ‘The Abossey-Okai Girl’, has advised women to make time to learn a little about car maintenance just like they make time to learn how to put on makeup or care for their skin.

In an interview with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes, she first explained that car maintenance, which is the same as car servicing, is basically making sure that everything is intact with your car from the interior to the exterior.

She noted that most women do not know how to fix petty car faults, hence, they are very careful about their cars as they do not want to end up stuck in the middle of the road due to a car fault.

However, the expert advises that without basic knowledge on car maintenance, one could rather spoil their car thinking they are giving it proper servicing.

She shared an instance with regular pumping of car tyres. According to her, all cars come with manuals for each part, however, most cars that we buy in Ghana are used cars, and hence they come without this manual.

“Sometimes, when you open the door of the car, you’ll see just by the door the instructions to follow. Usually, our vulcanizers think that the tyre is perfect when it is hard but every tyre has its pressure limit so if you pump it too much, it can burst and cause accidents”, she educated.

The Abossey Okai Girl advised that what the mechanic says is not always final because they are humans and can err just like anyone else, therefore, it is best to read online about cars that we buy or seek a second opinion. “The same way we go on YouTube to learn about makeup, why can’t we do the same for our cars?” she quizzed.

The car dealer concluded that car maintenance is not something for men only, hence, women need to learn the basics so that they can take proper care of their cars.