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Music of Friday, 19 August 2022

Source: Emmanuella Mission

Kibra releases new single, 'Nile', in collaboration with Drummr Africa

Kibra Kibra

Eritrean/Canadian, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Kibra has released a new single titled Nile in collaboration with Drummr Africa. Nile is the first single to be released off Drummr Africa’s forthcoming collective art and music project, Yamen Yamen, expected to be out on September 15.

Kibra is a singer/songwriter whose hybrid blend of smooth R&B and agile retro Jazz sounds captivates her listeners, and Nile is nowhere short of her standards. Kibra cites 90s/2000s as a formative influence on her music, whilst growing up in the West End of Toronto.

Beyond the music, Kibra has a cultural and diverse, as well as sound academic background, which has ultimately spurred her drive to tackle social issues, give hope, and inspire love, through her music. Her new single with Drummr Africa, Nile, is a story that culturally alludes the feeling of love to the easy flow of the river Nile.

Yamen Yamen in itself is an expansive music and arts digital project that is collectively built by music artists, visual artists, and writers from within the African continent and its diaspora, of whom Kibra is part, curated by Drummr Africa, a community-driven alternative creative media and network brand devoted to discovering, connecting, and utilising spaces for African creatives. Through Yamen Yamen, Drummr hopes to create a platform for cultural exchange, youth expression, and space for escapism. Nile is just the right way to turn the page open on a new musical awakening.