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Entertainment of Thursday, 29 July 2021

Source: Frank Goka, Contributor

Jewel Akusika releases two powerful gospel albums

It is Jewel's fervent desire to promote Ewe gospel music talents It is Jewel's fervent desire to promote Ewe gospel music talents

In her fervent desire to re-ignite and promote Ewe Gospel Music talents, Jewel Akusika Sedziafa, popularly known as “Jewel”, extended beyond her ever mellifluous voice to release two soul-reviving and inspirational albums simultaneously.

The first album dubbed “AMENUVEVE” also christened “Vol. 1” consists of motivational tracks like “ASIWOKATA”— that makes metaphorical presentation of diversities in our fingers which translates into our personal, professional, economical and even social differences in life.

Staying on diversity, Jewel ensured that all fans get their taste of her tracks, so for my reggae fans your dinner is served with “SELASIE” (My listener has heard me)—a song I personally recommend to you as her cherished “listener”. Just listen and give me your feedback.

With her experiences in life, she is vested in mending broken hearts and soothing wailing ones, hence the song “HEALER” for those of us emotionally dejected and down-trodden. “MAKAFUWO” and “JESUS” were composed to put you in a sacred mood to reconnect with God in a Christian way. Her melodious voice alone is perfect to facilitate that; however, having blended with perfectly mixed instrumentals, place you halfway into that journey.

On the Vol 1, Jewel reserved unceasing praise for our Omnipresent God through her masterpiece track “YOU ALONE”—Indeed, He’s the only one with the master key that opens all doors in the world. But that obviously does not preclude the abundant support of her teeming secret admirers, loyal fans—both Ghana and abroad, and clansmen who are solidly behind her!


Folks, even the name of this album is sufficient for the scramble; especially, to those who understand Ewe language. My pardon is granted to those who don’t understand the language; however, after my painstaking translation, you may have no immunity further. “Haviviwo” simply translates dialectically as “SWEET SONGS” or “MELODIOUS SONGS.” Songs that get fingers glued onto your respective “Play Buttons” and keep your body moving when you listen to them. Simplicita!

On that album, we have “PRAISES” and another inspiring hot tune—“MALIKEWO” (I will establish you) extracted from Isaiah 41:10 which talks about God reassuring us not to be worried at the stare of adversities in life; and that, he will strengthen and uphold us with his righteous hand. “LUVORNYE” (My Soul)—is an Ewe gospel medley and indeed a perfect musical food for our Souls.

Other tracks are “MI TSI TRE HEE” (Let’s stand up) and “VAVA NYATEFE” (Verily) are indirectly exhorting us to stand for the truth and also believe in the veracity of the gospel.

For the last track, I will go a bit emotional in my introduction: We all have polymorphic challenges in life and Jewel is comforting us that, no matter the magnitude of the heartache and the sleeplessness, THEY SHALL ALL COME TO PASS—hence the song “WO NU AVAYI”. Nonetheless, even “IF I LOSE” everything, I know I still have God.

Please stay safe and look forward to Jewel’s debut mega concerts coming up in Ghana in December 2021.