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Entertainment of Friday, 9 September 2011


Jama music to revive tourism in Bukom

The popular Ghanaian passionate form of music, jama, which has taken centre stage in several events especially during football matches, is set to revive the almost-dead tourism industry in Bukom, one of Ghana’s oldest towns.

Using simple musical instruments, at times, amidst rhythmical clapping of hands, Jama, over the years has been popular in the gathering of groups, usually in a joyous mood.

Jama serves as a unique form of entertainment and exercise, however, there are numerous benefits that jama participants derive but have not been realised yet or sufficiently harnessed. It is for these reasons that the Accra Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) headed by PaJohn Bentsifi Dadson with the support of the Ga Mashie Development Agency (GAMADA) and the Ghana-Denmark Cultural Fund are putting together programmes to educate the public on its advantages.

Come Monday, September 26, all roads will lead to the popular Bukom Sqaure in Bukom, Accra for the maiden monthly jama events dubbed, Bukom Jama Gala, which is expected to shake the very foundation of the already vibrant community, would be held on the last Monday of every month.

The event which is expected to end in June 2012 will bring together several cheer groups across the length and breadth of the capital, Accra, to compete for honours.

After an exciting tour Wednesday afternoon to uncover some of the forgotten tourist sites, which are getting extinct through the lost of their unique and monumental materials, in native Accra, Bukom and its environs, PaJohn Bentsifi Dadson, the brain behind the Bukom Jama Gala told in an interview that Bukom Jama Gala would represent Bukom’s famous boxing prowess, but without the exchange of blows.

He said: “One of the things that we don’t want to do is to cause anything that is going to whistle up some negative sentiments in the community because this whole thing is supposed to seal the community, bring happiness, bring laughter, bring joy, bring fun, bring the spirit of entertainment,” to residents of Accra. A dieing tourism legacy

James Town harbor, the oldest harbor in Ghana, will be among some of tourist sites to highlighted during the Bukom Jama Gala

To promote tourism, the Bukom Jama Gala would be heralded by a brass-band parade through Lighthouse, Mantse Agboona to Bukom Square.

The events, according to PaJohn, will generate funding for individual homes and facilities that would be visited, adding they “should benefit in terms of revenue from the monies that people pay to come see these [facilities].”

It was disheartening to see historical sites and monuments that can be easily harnessed to better the lot of poverty stricken communities left to go waste with no sense of urgency to archive them for the future.

Several identical sites and monuments like the James Town harbor, the Sea View hotel, Tobons community, the James and Usher forts, the Lighthouse, the Franklin House, the Freeman Methodist Church and a host of others, that a section of media personnel visited have been left to rot with the inhabitants not having a clue of the gold mine they are sitting on.