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Entertainment of Wednesday, 22 September 2021


It’s not bad for an individual to have a lavish dream wedding – MysterPratt

Event MC, MysterPratt play videoEvent MC, MysterPratt

• Award-winning wedding MC, MysterPratt has indicated that couples should be allowed to throw a lavish wedding

• He has preached against borrowing for a wedding ceremony

• He adds that a couple should work according to their budget

Event MC, MysterPratt has stated that individuals with the dream of having a lavish wedding should be given the liberty to do so.

According to him, there is nothing wrong with having a dream wedding.

Speaking on Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV, the popular MC, who is against borrowing to fund a wedding, indicated that couples should start budgeting and saving for their big day ahead of time.

MysterPratt also encouraged men to be pre-informed about the kind of wedding their female partners want to have, whether a lavish or intimate ceremony.

“It is necessary for us to talk about the kind of wedding a woman would love to have. The reason why it’s become necessary is that, whether or not you like it, you will spend on your wedding. There will definitely be an aspect of your money or savings that will go into it. So if 20% or 100% of my money is going to be invested into something I will not get my money back, what it means is that I need to be interested.

"Once in a while during a casual conversation, you can pop it up. When watching a movie, ask her if she loves what she is seeing, you will get to know what she wants. Sometimes they will be sending you a vendor list, they will see something magnanimous that is happening somewhere and they will push it to you. It is giving you a hint," he said.

MysterPratt told the host, Paulina Dedaa Opoku, that there are some families who cater for the entire cost or a greater part of the wedding budget and this goes a long way to reduce the financial burdens of the newly wedded.

"It is not bad for people to have a dream wedding, It is never bad. It is okay for people to have it, it is also never bad for people to say they want to have a wedding for 3 or 5 people and spend this amount of money," he said.

Watch Moans and Cuddles below: