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Entertainment of Friday, 20 August 2021


It’s normal for comedians to flop too – Lekzy Decomic

Lekzy Decomic, Comedian Lekzy Decomic, Comedian

Ghanaian stand-up comedian, Lekzy Decomic, has urged Ghanaians to take it easy on comedians when they flop at events because just like every other human, they have their bad days too.

He said on the 'Ayekoo After-Drive' show on Happy FM that people need to understand that even God does not make everyone happy every day. “Every day, some people are happy while others are sad so if we comedians who are human and have limitations are unable to make you laugh one day, don’t feel they have disappointed you,” he said.

He again noted that just as doctors are not able to cure every sickness and heal every sick patient, it is the same with comedians, hence, if on one or two occasions, they do not deliver to impress, people should not conclude that they are not funny at all. “Just understand that we have flaws and can have shortfalls too so keep supporting us and trust that the next time, we will deliver,” Lekzy added.

Another concern which he put forward is that entertainment shows that discuss issues or people in the entertainment scene should get panels who are well-informed about the particular industry that they will be discussing. He observed that “The same panel that comes to discuss movies or music are usually the same panel that is brought in to discuss issues about comedy meanwhile, they may have not even attended any comedy show and have no knowledge of how things work in the comedy industry.

He suggested that “When you’re about to discuss comedy, look for people who have knowledge on comedy like those who organize comedy shows or an actual comedian. You’ll hear people in an entertainment discussion comparing Lil Win to a stand-up comedian meanwhile, Lil Win is a comic actor.”

Lekzy noted that what these panelists say will be registered in the minds of listeners of viewers because they also trust that these people are experts in the field and this not only spoils the market of the comedian being talked about but the comedy industry as a whole.