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'It looks like a tombstone' - Public react to concrete bed trend

The concrete beds made in Ghana The concrete beds made in Ghana

• Concrete beds are the latest trend in some homes

• The beds are bad from cement blocks and shaped in the form of a bed

• According to some Ghanaians, these beds are not safe

If you live in Ghana, everything is possible including a bed made out of concrete, this is according to individuals who have opposed the latest "invention."

A host of Ghanaians have reacted to a trend where homes and guest houses are now adopting, the construction of concrete beds.

The concrete beds come in a rectangle shape which is fitted at the preferred spot in a room. Some of these beds are covered in tiles with others smoothen with cement to give it a perfect finish.

All you need is a mattress and pillow. But how safe is a concrete bed?

Reacting to this new trend, the majority of Ghanaians have stated that it is not safe for human use and have called on people to abolish it. Others have added that the design of the concrete beds looks like tombstones.

"To be honest it looks like a tombstone," Theressa Cudjeo on Instagram wrote.

Another, Joshua added: "Ebi tomb or what? Lmao imagine playing pillow fights on this. If your head no burst ern, then satan is called Felicia."

A third, Richmond Otoo, who claimed to have slept on a concrete bed in a guesthouse, recalled his experience. "They are used in guest house. Once slept on it in a certain village that was the most expensive guest house," he wrote.

Below are the concrete beds: