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LifeStyle of Sunday, 29 August 2021


It looks like I’ve lost her to the guy in the Black Toyota V8

File photo of a Black Toyota V8 File photo of a Black Toyota V8

When I met Felicia, she had completed university and was looking for a job. She was very desperate for a job so I decided to help her. I took her CV and gave it out to all the people I knew in my network who could be of help to her. Out of that, she received two interviews. She attended both interviews but was not picked. For close to six months she was not getting any call for even an interview so she called on me again.

She said, “I want to start something.” I asked, “What do you want to start?” She said, “I want to do something that would make me see money all the time.” I asked her, “What could that be, selling?” She asked me, “What can I sell that would bring money quickly” I joked, “Unless you sell money.” She said, “Be serious.” I said, “Yeah, come to think of it you can start doing mobile money. At least, you’ll see money every day.”

I was still joking but she said, “Mobile money it is.” I asked, “You’re serious about it?” She said, “At least, it will take me out of the house in the morning and bring me back in the evening. That’s a job. I want to start right away.”

She started looking for a place to set up while I was working it out with a friend to get her the Mobile money sim. Soon she got registered and I gave her seeded money of GHC3000 for her to start. The beginning was tough as you’ll expect but six, seven months later, her location became a hotspot for all those who wanted to do mobile money. A year later, she set up a new place for another person to operate. Not too long afterward, she started selling other things like chargers, perfumes, earpiece and when Vitamin C and nose mask became a thing, she added that too.

All this while, our relationship had not picked up. She knew I loved her and I wanted a relationship with her but she put it aside because she wanted to sort her life out first before anything. One day, I brought the discussion to the table again. I asked, “So how about now? Is still not the right time to start a relationship?” She said, “It”s the perfect time, and thanks a lot for everything you’ve done for me, for the ideas, and for setting me up this way.” I felt appreciated but most of all, I had the girl I’d always been waiting for.

The love between us wasn’t that intense. It wasn’t the kind of love that held hands at the beach and kissed at any given opportunity, no. We were always planning on the next move and thinking about the future of our relationship. We met only on Sundays because that was the only day she wasn’t working. She will bring her laundry to my place, add mine to it and both of us will sit together and wash everything. Those were the moments of our lives. It gave us the time to be together, talk about silly things, and end up making crazy love. Because of her, Sunday became my favorite day.

One day, I visited her working place and saw a black Toyota V8 parked right in front of her showcase. I looked around and she wasn’t there. Just when I picked my phone to call her, she came out of the car, looking like she was disappointed about something. I asked, ”Who is that?” She said, “He came to do mobile money but he thinks he’s too big to get down so he called me in to do the transaction for him.” I asked her, “So why that face when you stepped out?” She said, “He was trying to act funny but I wasn’t ready for that.” I said, “Then be careful with him the next time he comes around.”

Another evening, I passed through after work and saw that same car parked in front of her place. This time, the man was out and seated next to her. I greeted them and took my seat next to them. For some seconds, they were both silent. The man said, “I will be leaving then.” She said, “That’s ok.” When the man left, I asked my questions; “Same man again? What is his issue this time?” She said, “I was here when he came around. I don’t even know why you came around only when he’s here.” I asked her, “Should I be scared?” She said, “Scared of what? Someone I don’t know? Please forget and let’s talk about something important.”

One day she told me she would be traveling to Accra to see her senior sister. When she got to Accra, she called me on a video call and we talked for several minutes. She even made me talked to her sister. In the evening when I was about to sleep I figured I should call her on a video call too. She was online when I called but she didn’t pick. She texted, “My senior sister is dressing up. When she’s done dressing, I will call back.” I said then let’s do the normal call.” She said, “Give me some minutes, I will call back.” Minutes turned to an hour she didn’t call so I called. She didn’t pick. I called all night and she didn’t pick. Later in the morning, she texted to tell me she fell asleep but I wasn’t stupid. I knew something was wrong.

When she came back, I went through her phone while sleeping. I saw the photos of her and that same man. I saw videos she took with her phone when they were at a place dancing. I read their messages and it was deeper than the photos portrayed. My heart started beating abnormally. I woke her up and asked her to explain. She said, “I went to my sister and he called that he was around so we should go out.” I asked, “How about the messages? Those lovey-dovey messages?” She said, “I was only joking with him to get his money.” “He slept with you?” I asked. She said no. I probed and probed with the evidence on her phone before she accepted that indeed the two of them slept.”

I was shattered. Shattered for days but when she came apologizing every day that it wasn’t going to happen again, I forgave her wholeheartedly. Her sister was always on the phone with me telling me how sorry her sister was and pleaded with me to forgive her. I loved her. She had all the qualities I wanted in a woman. I loved her hustling attitude and how she was able to turn money around into a lot of money. I wanted to settle down with her because I saw a great future with her.

After that episode, she became very committed to the relationship. She would call every minute and send texts in between the minutes. She came home every now and then and almost always talked on a video call with me. I loved the transparency she brought and that made me loved her the more. I was sneaking into her phone every now and then but I wasn’t seeing anything. I stopped checking and gave the relationship my all again until she started behaving weirdly recently. She wouldn’t pick my calls and wouldn’t come to visit. She was always talking about being busy.

A month ago, her sister called me. She said, “My sister came to visit me today. She said something that broke my heart. She wanted to call you and tell you that it’s over. And that she is ready to pay everything that you’ve given her and even if you want interest, she’s ready to pay it threefold. I’ve tried my best to let her see reasons but she said she can’t continue with you again. I told her not to call but rather come and see you face to face and say it to your face. I’m giving you a head-up so you know what to tell her when she comes.” I asked her, “Did she give you any reason?” She said, “Honestly she didn’t but the truth is only one. It’s about that man.” “They are still together?” I asked. She said, “I also didn’t know until she came here with him this afternoon.”

That evening she called me. She said, “I want us to talk. Not on phone. I want to see you and have a discussion with you. When can I see you?” I said, “I’ll be traveling to Accra for work. I will call you when I come.” She asked, “When are you coming?” I said, “It’s job-related so I can’t say for sure but trust me, you’ll know when I come.” A week later she called to verify if I had come. I said, “I’m still in Accra. She was silent. She said, “Ok I will wait.” Days later she called again, I didn’t pick. She texted, “I know you know what I’m going to talk about so why don’t we talk about it here?” I said, “I don’t know anything but I’ll prefer I sit with you and talk about it as you suggested.”

It’s been over two weeks already. She’s still looking for me to break up with me. I’m buying myself some time to take everything in. Ever since her sister told me, I’d been getting stronger. I’ve built up defenses, hoping I’ll get over it very soon before I finally meet her. I don’t want her to see how hurt and broken I am. She doesn’t deserve that. I’m giving myself one more week. I will call her on the phone and tell her, “I know you’ve moved on with that man with the black car. It’s ok. Keep whatever I gave you. I didn’t give it to you so you pay. I gave it willingly. It’s yours.”

After that, I will block her every access to me. Then I’ll learn how to heal completely from all the hurt.