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It is annoying for people to say I made money and wasted it – Psalm Adjetefio

Veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio play videoVeteran actor Psalm Adjetefio

• Psalm Adjetefio has described as annoying people’s criticism of him

• The veteran actor says it is not by his own doing that he had to go into financial crisis

• He reveals that exploitation by persons he has worked with and bad health is what has caused him to make a public appeal for support

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjetefio, said he finds it annoying when people accuse him of not being wise and prudent with his finances.

The popular actor known as TT from his role in the Taxi Driver series has been in the news recently after he came out publicly to solicit for funds to pay his rent and medical bills.

His public appeal for support attracted several comments including some critics who said he did not manage his finances well during his prime days as an actor.

In a recent interview with Oman Channel, TT, who has since received support from various quarters, bemoaned the criticisms being directed at him describing it as infuriating.

According to TT, his financial crisis has largely been due to exploitation from people he had to work with and his deteriorating health condition which has come with huge medical expenses.

He explained that for every episode of the popular Taxi Driver Series he featured in, he was given an amount of GHC10 old cedis equivalent despite his real allocation for the series budget being GHC30 old cedis equivalent.

“I was asked how much I get paid for each episode and I stated that it was one hundred thousand (old cedis) and I was told no, my budget was three hundred thousand. So for every week, someone was stealing my two hundred thousand. For all the Taxi Driver episodes I featured in, the money was stolen by someone”

“I was only getting one-third of my pay and someone was getting two-thirds. But because I naturally have a big body people think I made a lot of money. When I see people talk about me like that, I just watch them because they don’t know how we have suffered. There are times we would work for two months and when you go for your pay, you’ll be told your director has come for the money. You’ll try fruitlessly to reach him and once you do, he will tell you that he has spent the money.

“I get very annoyed when people go about saying he’s done a lot and where is the money? You don’t know my struggle. You have no idea how I’ve had to struggle. It is through prayers that God has brought benevolent people my way. It is very annoying. I only pray God will bless those who have come to my aid,” he added.

Following the revelation of his financial condition, TT, suffers medical conditions including heart failure and gouty arthritis has received help from personalities including the Vice President, the Greater Accra Regional Minister and the Chief of Staff.

Watch TT’s interview below: