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Entertainment of Friday, 25 February 2022


Iona Reine throws her shot at Stephanie Benson’s son

Iona Reine asks Stephanie Benson if her son is single Iona Reine asks Stephanie Benson if her son is single

Iona Reine asks Stephanie Benson if her son is single

Stephanie Benson ignores Iona Reine

Stephanie Benson and husband play in the bathroom

Stephanie Benson took to social media to share some lovely pictures she shares with her son, who she called JJ.

The beautiful pictures caught the attention of her followers, including budding artiste, Iona Reine, who asked the famous Stephanie Benson a question.

“Is he single please?” she asked, with a smiling emoji to go with it.

Anyone who has followed Stephanie Benson long enough can testify to the fact that the mother avoids questions about her children's personal lives, but has always replied to compliments.

It is not certain if Stephanie will make an exception and reply to Iona Reine who is dying to know the relationship status of her son.

Stephanie’s followers have enjoyed personal videos of herself and her family for years and in one of those videos she recently shared, she was seen taking a shower whiles her husband was in the background yelling at her for taking too long.

"What are you still doing in the bathroom? you're taking too long," he screamed.

Stephanie Benson in an unexpected response said she needed to ensure every part of her private part was clean.

Although she was in the shower, parts of the video were blurred as it only exposed her face.

“How am I taking long? I’m washing it well so you can sniff it,” Stephanie told her husband.

It can be recalled that the singer recently marked 32 years of marriage with her husband, Jon Benson.

The two have been captured on several occasions publicly displaying their affection ma for each other on social media.