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I’ve had more road accidents than hit songs – Guru

Guru says he's been involved in numerous road accidents play videoGuru says he's been involved in numerous road accidents

Being in the limelight comes with repercussions and that includes becoming the target of persons who are filled with jealousy so much that they plot series of devious stratagems against you, Guru has said in an interview that chronicles his experience in the music industry.

The rapper asseverated that he has fought spiritual battles but has been able to conquer his enemies on all occasions. Although he has to his credit a number of hit songs which include ‘Lapaz Toyota’, ‘Karaoke’, ‘Kpa Kpa Kpa’, ‘Alkayida’, ‘Bonsam Ani’, ‘Pooley Swag’, ‘Samba’, ‘Meeba Be Tia Wo’, ‘Mmaakuo’, ‘Democracy’ and ‘Mpaebo’, Guru said the number of times he’s been involved in road accidents surpasses the number of hit songs.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of accidents. The number of times is more than my hit songs,” he said on ‘Restoration With Stacy’. “My break failed at Kwahu after performing at an Easter event. We were descending. At the time, I had released ‘Bonsam Ani’”.

He continued: “There was a time my bonnet smashed my windscreen. I don’t know how it happened. God saved me. I’ve been involved in countless road accidents; my car could mangle. We don’t make this public because we don’t want the fans to be alarmed.”

He maintained that he is an experienced driver hence, the accidents are not as a result of a lack of skills in driving.

Not only has Guru been involved in road accidents; he has had metals removed from his throats and stomach, the rapper claimed. This, he said, was after he lost his voice while performing on stage.

According to him, a pastor and a spiritualist told him he had been marked for death hence the need to seek spiritual intervention. Although he did not mention persons behind the road accidents, Guru indicated that some members of his team were behind the metal incident.

He said: “You know we have herbalists, native doctors who help us in some of these things. They did some skirmishes, cut my neck, pulled out two big metals. This was physical, I was awake when they did all these.

“They removed another one from my stomach… When you’re performing on stage, you have this bottle you drink from. The one holding it is in charge of it... They were three guys. I had so many dreams about this. If not because of some of the steps we took, I wouldn’t have been alive today. It was intended to kill me. The saddest part is I always wanted to project these guys but it takes time and they couldn’t wait,” Guru asserted.