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Entertainment of Saturday, 28 August 2021


I’ve been to hell and back; Coronavirus almost took my life – Hammer

Music Producer, Hammer play videoMusic Producer, Hammer

Hammer tested positive for COVID-19 a month ago

• The music producer has fully recovered from the virus

• He has called on the public to adhere to the safety protocols and also get vaccinated

Music producer, Hammer of The Last Two has shared his near-death experience with COVID-19.

Hammer in a video has revealed that he contracted the deadly COVID-19 virus a month ago but through treatment has fully recovered.

Speaking in a video available on his YouTube channel he described his experience as "being to hell and back."

“I couldn’t breathe, I felt like dumbbells were on my chest, I have really suffered… I actually thought I was going to die so I started doing a diary of what I was going through. 10 seconds video… some people started noticing my absence on social media… I saw death, on a few occasions, I had panic attacks in the night. I thought I was going… I felt the life leaving me and I was fighting it and the time I felt a little better I took my phone and recorded it,” he said.

The ace producer who is advocating for the adherence of all safety protocols has charged the public to stay safe and also get vaccinated.

“I have so much to say, I don’t know where to start. I’ve been away for a month and I have been in the battle of my life. I have faced an adversary that I have never faced as long as I have lived. I have been to hell and back basically. I wanted to share this because people must know what lurks around our neighbourhood, offices, around our daily endeavours.

"I went to the hospital, I tested for malaria and the Doctor aid I should add typhoid, they saw some malaria and typhoid in my system, the doctor gave me medicine buy then the Nurse who is a fan actually saw my numbers and said my malaria and typhoid levels are insignificant adding that when people get numbers like this they don’t even treat them… my situation deteriorated, it became crazy. I couldn’t breathe… I had to come outside my house to try to breathe and I began feeling feverish. I wasn’t coughing. Fast forward what I want to thank God for is, my kids are in the boarding house so I was alone," he said.

Hammer thanked friends who offered support and also checked up on him during his time at the hospital he said “all these people cushioned me financially, I had VIP treatment. I got the best medicine.”

He has called for an end to the stigmatization of COVID-19 survivors in Ghana.

He believes that public education is needed, especially for those who believe that they can contract the virus once they get in touch with a survivor.

“I noticed that the survivors of COVID for the fear of stigmatization are quiet. There's not enough information for people to understand that once you are cleared it is okay. You just have to adhere to the protocols. People have to stop branding covid survivors,” he advised.

Watch the video below: