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Entertainment of Tuesday, 24 August 2021


I loved it when no one knew I had gotten a haircut – Strongman

Strongman Strongman

Ghanaian rap artiste, Strongman Burner, has revealed that he enjoyed the few days of his life when he had not posted a picture showing the public his new hairstyle.

Hosted on YFM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe, he told Kay Official that when he had not posted a picture of himself with the haircut, he was really enjoying his break from the celebrity lifestyle because wherever he went to, people did not recognize him.

“Initially when I hadn’t posted the picture of me in the new hairstyle, I was free to move about because the fans weren’t recognizing me and I was happy”, he said.

Strongman confessed that there are days when he wishes he could just go out like a regular person without people taking pictures of him or asking for selfies hence, those few days he got to be out with his new look unrecognized, he loved it very much.

He added that, “I wish that sometimes, I can just change to a different person, go out and party with everyone else like a regular guy”. Strongman told Kay Official that sometimes, when he is on the road and a trotro driver overtakes him, he wishes he could step out of the car and give him a piece of his mind but he cannot because he has to keep his branding and remember he is a popular person.

Strongman, after clearing every post from his Instagram page, made his first post a week ago with a picture of himself.

The picture revealed his new look in which he had gotten rid of his locks and is now rocking a low cut with his hair dyed brown.