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Entertainment of Saturday, 21 March 2015


I lost 6 kids; spent weekends at my wife’s grave - Koo Nimo

Celebrated songwriter, philosopher, lecturer and award-winning musician, Agya Koo Nimo has revealed some struggles along his celebrated life starting with the tragedy of losing his first wife.

In an interview on Joy FM Super Morning Show, Agya Koo Nimo said the death of his first wife made him “non-existent”.

“[During] weekends I would just drive to my wife’s graveyard and just commune with her.....somebody reported me to my uncle”, he recounted.

Agya Koo Nimo says his wife died barely a month after he lost his 5th out of 10 bubbly children. She passed away a day after she gave birth. He is no stranger to tragedy.

Some of the children died stillborn, whilst others died from pneumonia and congenital heart troubles.

Telling the story of how he met his first wife, Agya Koo Nimo says while hospitalized with ulcer at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, she came along with a friend to visit him. Although they never spoke during his hospitalization, he says, “she was always smiling at me”.

After he was discharged, he planned to leave for Bekwai where he was expecting to perform as a guitarist. But before he could leave this young lady knocked at his door.

The lady expressed her displeasure that he was leaving for a concert so soon after he was discharged. The lady was also surprised to learn that he had been discharged because she had prepared to visit him in the hospital with some food.

'A bachelor boy' as he was, the encounter confirmed the popular axiom that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.

“I will marry you” a violent promise he made to the woman. Love makes time fly fast and soon she was put in a family way.

Her parents found much to their chagrin, that the man responsible for the pregnancy plays a guitar.

“How can you marry a guitarist some of whom are noted for getting drunk at funerals?”.

“But father he also works in a Laboratory”, he quoted her wife’s response. But the convincing factor for her father was when he discovered that Agya Koo Nimo was related to his very good friend.

“Then this marriage will work”, his prospective father-in-law placed his seal of approval based on the character of his very good friend.

And it did work until death tore them apart on 21st September 1973 making a philosopher out of the singer and songwriter. He remarried and lost yet another child with the new wife bringing the total number of child deaths to six.

Born on 3 October 1934 and baptized Daniel Amponsah, the man with 100 songs to his credit had some wisdom for the youth.

Discipline, patience and practice, he distilled many words down to these three traits.

He condemned a corrupt understanding of time among Ghana’s youth. “What is wrong with us? …..our concept of time. Order is the first law in heaven” he insisted.

Agya Koo Nimo is at a loss to understand the mad rush among today’s youth to be popular and rich and advised that much more focus should be paid to building a character.

Quoting the words of a philosopher, Koo Nimo said “popularity is an accident, riches take wings, only one thing endures – character” Ever reading books, Koo Nimo described the current generation as a people who “have lost the power to be still and never once possess our soul till [they] die.”