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I don't want to see guys wear pink, I think it's for girls - Mona4Reall

Singer, Mona4Reall play videoSinger, Mona4Reall

Mona4Reall doesn't find men who wear pink attractive

I am obsessed with the colour pink, Mona4Reall

I have painted my studio and bedroom pink, Mona4Reall discloses

Ghanaian musician and businesswoman, Mona4Reall, also known as Haijia4Reall, has disclosed that she doesn't find men who wear pink outfits attractive.

It is an open secret that Mona has got mad love for the colour pink.

Born Mona Faiz Mona Montrage, the 'Badder Than' crooner has disclosed that her love for the colour is pushing her to paint her entire house pink.

In an interview on OnePlay Africa with Tilly Akua Nipaa, she disclosed that her sitting room, bedroom and studio have been painted pink.

She finds everything in pink attractive except a man.

Mona4Reall explained: "I don't like men who wear pink. I don't want to see guys wear pink. I dont know why but I think pink is for girls."

The Pink Barbie in her music video ensures that there are pink highlights, right from her outfits to props.

If you ever wonder what meant have influenced her taste in the clour that is often associated with girls, she noted that it all began as a little girl.

"I just don't know, I love pink. I have loved pink ever since I was a little girl. I love pink, just give me something pink and I will appreciate it.

"My sitting room is pink, my bedroom, my studio. I wish I could paint the house pink, honestly but then they say I should relax on that. Pink is the colour that makes me happy so anytime I see pink, I just feel happy. It attracts me. I can go to a shop and see a couple of clothes if I see the pink one even if it is not nice, the fact that it is pink, I will still go ahead and get it. All my friends know this," Mona4Reall stated in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb on OnePlay Africa.