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I don't have the energy for social media, my work will speak for me - Helen Asante

Actress Helen Asante play videoActress Helen Asante

• Actress Helen Asante has explained her inactiveness on social media

• She has stated that she will rather spend time creating movies

• Helen disclosed this in an interview on GhanaWeb's Talkertainment show with Elsie Lamar

Ghanaian actress Helen Asante has explained why she is 'inactive' on social media despite being one of the known faces in the movie industry.

For those who follow known faces in the entertainment industry, you are sure to see your favourite actors and musicians update their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account with photos or videos of themselves.

Whereas some attach importance to their pages which has a huge following, actress, Helen Asante has said that she doesn't know how to operate these apps.

Speaking in an interview on Talkaterainment with Elsie Lamar, Miss Asante who describes herself as an introvert revealed that she loves to keep her life private.

“I don’t know how to use Twitter, I don’t know how it works, I am still trying to wrap my head around how these social media apps work and I cant. I am the very shy type, If I'm not on camera, I crawl back into my shell. In my world of creative ideas, creating fiction, stories, this is me. I will rather spend time finding a good story I can write that can be produced than social media. I just don’t have the energy for it.. to even join Facebook it was one of my colleagues Roselyn Ngissah who forced me, she took my phone and signed me up.

In reacting to a question on why she hardly updates her social media posts or engage in publicity stand like some of her colleagues do, she intimated that her relevance is based on her work and not the fame from social media.

“I am an actress, why should I be hungry for fame? My work will sell for me. My work should sell me, what I do should sell me. I should be hungry to just let the world know about it, I am very particular about my privacy. Even at home, I don’t want my mother in my business, I don’t want my brother in my business. I am that type, I am just an introvert who needs that corner, I need my space."

She further added: " My ‘celebritisim’ comes with my work. Let me do good acting in a movie and let people talk about it and blog about it. Let me be starring in a Hollywood production, some action-packed movies, talk about it, whether I am half-naked or having sex in that movie, talk about it because that is my work. Let that speak for me, I don’t need to do other things to get fame.