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Entertainment of Thursday, 24 February 2022


I almost got a wife at the Consulting Room - OB Amponsah

Comedian OB Amponsah play videoComedian OB Amponsah

OB says a patient wanted him to marry her daughter at the hospital

My patients get stunned when they recognize me, Comedian

OB Amponsah speaks of hiding his identity at the hospital

Comedian OB Amponsah, who doubles as an Optometrist, has been faced with several reactions when his patients recognize him as that funny man on television.

The award-winning comedian has disclosed that a mother one time gave her daughter's hand in marriage to him in the Consulting Room.

The woman who was a big fan told OB that he was a "responsible man," reasons why she was willing to join them together, adding that her daughter was going to be safe in his hands.

Detailing one of his craziest moments at the hospital on the Talkertainment show on GhanaWeb TV, OB Amponsah told host, Elsie Lamar, that he sometimes conceals his identity under a nose mask, but patients still manage to fish him out.

"A daughter brought her mum and she realized I was the guy on TV and I was also the doctor. She almost married me to her daughter because she thought I was quite responsible you know.

"That was when I was in the Central Region, she asked if I was married and I said no. She then called her daughter, a very beautiful daughter. She wanted me to marry her... I don't know what happened. We talked and that was it... on to your next question," said OB as he declined to give details of what transpired afterwards.

OB, who describes himself as a locum doctor, disclosed how he conceals his identity when playing the role of Optometrist.

He said: "Thank God for nose mask though. Usually, they see your eyes and they go like, are you? Some of them want you to pull down the nose mask so they confirm. Others don't care who you are. Maybe they will recognize you but they are there for their eyes but I have had reactions, where are probably stunned a bit when they realize, am the one they see on TV."

Watch the Talkertainment show below