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LifeStyle of Wednesday, 22 September 2021


How a ban on wedding reception is encouraging people to marry

A file photo of a wedding reception. Photo credit (Focus and Blur) play videoA file photo of a wedding reception. Photo credit (Focus and Blur)

• Some churches in Ghana have banned wedding receptions

• The move is to encourage young men and women against spending large sums on wedding reception

• Organising a wedding can be expensive depending on the number of guests

Marriage they say is not easy but what happens when you start facing these obstacles right at the stage of planning a wedding?

There are several men and women who have aborted plans of settling down with their long time lovers due to the cost involved in organising a wedding in Ghana.

Right from decoration, makeup, photography to the outfits of the couples, these expenses can run into thousands of cedis. Arguably, a wedding reception is one major part of the ceremony which can drain a couple financially.

But speaking on Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV, Bridget Ama Ayimadu disclosed that a timely intervention by The Church of Pentecost is encouraging young men and women in the church to settle down as husband and wife.

The newly wedded revealed that a ban on wedding reception by her church helped her cut down on her expenses. Mrs Ayimadu told host, Paulina Dedaa Opoku, that she and her husband had to sign a bond not to throw a party for their guests when they tied the knot back in August 2021.

"Fortunately for me, The Church of Pentecost has made things simple such that every young guy can also get married. People want to get married but looking at the pressure from social media, seeing what someone has done at their wedding so they want to also do that. It ends up in borrowing

"For my church, we've banned reception. Before my wedding, I have to go sign a Bond that we will not do a reception. You (couple) will sign it, your pastor will sign it, your area head will also sign it to show that you are not going to do reception," she said.

According to her, The Church of Pentecost "just want to encourage people who cannot afford such luxurious wedding to be able to do simple weddings."

Watch the Moans and Cuddles below: