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LifeStyle of Monday, 28 June 2021


Here’s why you need to undergo a wellness exam

According to madam Kalmoni, we should be examined once a while even if we eat well According to madam Kalmoni, we should be examined once a while even if we eat well

The Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Detox and Wellness Centre, May Meskawi Kalmoni, has gone into details about why it is important for one to undergo a wellness exam.

She disclosed that per observation from her field of work, a lot of health problems that people get are usually as a result of their diet and issues with digestion and the digestive system, in her opinion, is the core of the human body because it is the system that first receives any food that is taken into the body.

During an interview with Eunice Tornyi on the African Women’s Voices show which is aired every Wednesday on eTV Ghana, May enlightened that when the digestive system is unable to properly breakdown the food that is taken into the body, then the food becomes toxins and the body starts to have problems.

She further explained that the human body has been designed to detox itself, however, when the any of the organs that are meant to detox start to malfunction, then the body cannot detox and toxins begin to accumulate in the body. This, she said, is one of the reasons why a wellness check is important- so that one will know a detox is needed.

May also made clear that eating good food does not necessarily mean that the body will be healthy because sometimes, the food is not well digested for the nutrients to be absorbed. Therefore, she advised that even when we think we are eating well, our bodies needs to be examined once a while so that we know when we need a detox.