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Music of Friday, 25 February 2022

Source: Pep Junia, Contributor

Ghanaian singer ‘Kevin Pfeifer’ rebrands as Lesléy, releases 5 track EP

Lesléy, Singer Lesléy, Singer

German-born Ghanaian singer ‘Kevin Pfeifer’ has rebranded to Lesléy.

For as long as he can remember, Lesléy has been singing and dancing for audiences of all shapes and sizes from family gatherings to school talent shows.

He was greatly influenced by different genres that heavily shaped his sound today.

It took a while for him to put himself out there, and he finally did in December 2018 at age 23 with the release of his debut single “Ohemaa” under the name ‘Kevin Pfeifer’.

Like many up-and-coming artists, the come-up was not easy but he slowly began seeing the fruits of his labor as he garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on digital streaming platforms organically.

Looking to a new beginning, Lesléy hopes to forge his own path in the ever-popular Afrobeats genre, by crystallizing a sub-genre that successfully fuses the fundamental groove of mainstream afrobeat.

About the EP

Titled Good Things takes Time, the 5 track EP according to Lesléy, was born out as a result of his frustration being a Tech specialist “This EP was born out as a result of my frustration as a Tech specialist".

“If someone ever said the phrase ‘good things take time' to you, then you are most likely going through it. It might be in the form of extreme frustration, anger or even heartbreak as things are probably not going well in a certain area of your life.

As a result, the project highlights his coping mechanisms with his future entanglements; his impulsive mistakes and constant search of pleasure in things that did not last,” he added.