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Ghanaian actors were paid better in Nigeria back in the day - Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson play videoActress Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson says Nigerian producers paid actors better

I made GH¢300 from the movie ‘Princess Tyra’

Ghanaian actors were very passionate about acting, Yvonne reveals

Celebrated filmmaker, Yvonne Nelson, has recalled how Ghanaian movie producers took advantage of actors back in the days.

According to her, the monies she and her colleagues were earning from all the major films was no story to write home about nevertheless, they were passionate about shooting movies.

According to Yvonne, Nigerian producers paid better when they travelled to their country to act. That could not be said back home where they earned close to nothing.

Speaking on M’ahyease TV Show she said: "When we started, at my time, I feel like most producers took advantage of us. Some of them knew we started with them so we were not paid well but we enjoyed it. We were very passionate about the job.

"I will also say this, we were paid well when we went to Nigeria. We made money in Nigeria but in Ghana, we were earning little in most of the movies we starred in.”

Yvonne disclosed that she was paid GH¢300 for her role in the popular movie, Princess Tyra, revealing that she had to pay dues from the little money she earned.

"I only took home GH¢150 but for how long are you gonna be taking GH¢300? It gets to a point where you get tired," said the actress and producer who is out with a new production titled 'The Men We Love'.

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