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Entertainment of Wednesday, 28 July 2021


Gambo highlights some changes the Ghanaian music industry needs

Ghanaian rapper, Gambo Ghanaian rapper, Gambo

Ghanaian rapper, songwriter and singer, Bashiru Gambo has mentioned some aspects in the Ghanaian music industry he wishes to change.

Per his observation, music videos and their production are of poor quality and argues for their upgrade.

From experience, he emphasized that, “Doing music in Ghana costs a lot, especially if you want to pull out a brand. I see a lot of Ghanaian music videos and they are ‘beans’.

"If anyone wants to shoot a music video, they just pick a camera, get a black and white background, some girls in hot swimsuits with red cups or they’ll be walking in the streets rapping and that is basically a Ghanaian music video," said Gambo.

Gambo believes Ghana can only export her music if musicians move beyond the regular music videos.

Citing other countries as examples, he said, “Look at how Nigerians are doing their stuff now, the South Africans are also moving and doing great and Ghana is supposed to be there too.”

One other thing Gambo mentioned he wishes to change with his music is, “to let the international market know that, whatever they’re doing in terms of music, we’re also capable of doing same and better.”

He cited a trend he saw on Twitter as an example. “I saw this tweet on twitter sometime back where some guys dropped a music video and some UK influencers said, how come these guys are in front of cameras, ain’t they supposed to be hungry?”

He explained that this goes a long way to explain that there are still people in some parts of the world who think Ghanaians are hungry and ignorant about most of the nice things we see around.

“For someone in this 21st century to think like that about us, then it’s bad. And I feel it’s because we as Ghanaians don’t always showcase how beautiful Ghana is. Most of the time they always go to the hood to create their music videos hence, creating that perception of us,” he said.

He believes if these together with others are worked on, the music industry will be better and we will be able to sell Ghana in a better way to other countries.