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Entertainment of Wednesday, 21 July 2021


GMB 2021: Save our water bodies; stop galamsey now – Afua, Eastern Region

Afua Adu-Gyamfua Marfo Afua Adu-Gyamfua Marfo

Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant Afua is very worried about the unchecked galamsey activities in her region. She fears for the far-reaching ripple effect on the lives of her people and the future of the country.

According to Afua Adu-Gyamfua Marfo, the Eastern Region representative, illegal gold mining is a nuisance to the people living in the area. She said that the alarming increase in water pollution has dire consequences on the health of the people. Unfortunately, the residents of these communities depend on the affected water bodies for household activities.

“Galamsey is causing a lot of harm in my region. The water resources in my region are mostly used by the people and galamsey polluting the water causes harm. It brings sickness because they use it for domestic use like washing, cooking and bathing. If it is damaged, it is going to cause harm to them. They are going to get sick. So I decided to pick galamsey as my project to help curb that and help in making the water resources clean for the people in my region.”

19-year-old Afua believes that GMB is the best platform to start the ‘clean waterbodies’ crusade. She stressed the importance of a prominent and respected platform to yield faster results because of the urgency of the project, even on a national level. She said, “Ghana’s Most Beautiful is a beauty pageant that promotes national development, culture and unity. And for this, there is a need for a woman who is seen and recognized and defined as beautiful.

“I am beautiful. I am confident, I am eloquent. And I believe I have all the qualities of a crowned queen. This platform is very big, and it is going to help me help my people and the whole country.”

Afua is a student at Knutsford University studying Business Administration with a major in Human Resource Management. She hopes to climb up the corporate ladder in future whilst managing her growing online jewellery store, Jay’s Jewels.

Although she was born in the capital city, Afua has always felt a deep connection with her roots in her hometown, Konkonuru, a town in the Aburi traditional area. She likes singing, cooking and reading extensively.

Afua won the Face of Oyoko Methodist Senior High School and Face of High School Ghana in 2018. The two-time beauty queen is very confident that she has the crown locked down.

“I believe in myself. I am confident in my trust that I can make it. It is not the first time that I am contesting for a beauty pageant. And each time I am determined to do something, I make sure I get it done. And every beauty pageant I have contested in, I emerge as the winner. And this inspires and motivates me to do more. So I trust and believe in myself that I am taking the crown home. There is no way I would be evicted. Crown or nothing.”