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Tabloid News of Friday, 14 January 2022

Source: SVTV Africa

Former actress reveals boyfriend possessed with spirit lured her to sleep with men for money for him

Former actress, Cinderella Kofie AKA Kasawale

Former actress, Cinderella Kofie AKA Kasawale has revealed that her boyfriend with 77 possessive spirits lured her into sleeping with men for money after taking all of hers.

According to Kasawale who is now an evangelist, he came by her shop for a pedicure and proposed love to her. A little later, the man came back with Don Simon which happened to be her favourite. After consuming the drink, she fell in love with the man.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Evangelist Kasawale indicated that they began a relationship where he introduced his 77 spirits to her who even helped her sometimes.

“Three months into the relationship, he told me about the spirits he works with. They are 77 but he told me not to be scared and that he works with them. They gave me a ring and I could call them whenever I needed them. He told me that they would not harm me so I should stay with him. He liked me very much, that's why he told me about the spirits,” she recounted.

Kasawale further added that truly they never harmed her however “he did not give me money. He spent all of mine and even pushed me to sleep with men for us. This was before I became used to his spirits and accepted their help.”

She also mentioned that as a beautician, many of the hairstyles she did for her customers were given to her by these spirits. She advised women against trendy hairstyles and clothes because most of them are from the spiritual world.


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