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Find out what makes a man unhappy in a marriage

A photo of a couple A photo of a couple

Human Resource performance consultant, Reverend Bernie Duah, has detailed on the two main things that have the capacity to make a man unhappy in his marriage.

Discussing the topic ‘Married and unhappy: What to do’ with Nana Yaw Odame on the ‘Men’s Lounge' show which airs on eTV Ghana, Rev. Duah noted that there are a lot of things that contribute to a person’s happiness and although people do not determine one’s joy, they can have an influence on one’s happiness.

According to him, “It is your happenings that create your happiness so the things around you definitely contribute to your happiness.”

Speaking on the part of men, he disclosed that two things contribute to a man’s happiness in life and these are his achievements and his relationship hence the more he achieves, the more exciting his life becomes and the more his relationship works out, the happier he is in life.

He explained that when things begin to go sour in a man’s marriage, it is by virtue of the fact that the happenings around the relationship might not be what was expected. “This means that as long as the things you expect in a relationship or marriage are happening, then you will be happy but when your expectations are not being met, you will have challenges which in turn ruin your happiness,” he said.

Medical Doctor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Isaac Newman-Arthur, also interviewed on the show, added that marriage is supposed to be a blessing. Therefore, if it starts to feel otherwise, then it means something has gone wrong and both parties were not paying attention to it.

Again, he said that there are things that make men happy, and things that make women happy and these two differences when not acknowledged, create some conflicts. He clarified that it is normal for a couple to have these differences in things that make them happy but the problem arises when they have too many things in contrast.