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Find out how these types of kisses can spice your relationship

Amma Serwah is an actress and a fashion designer Amma Serwah is an actress and a fashion designer

Amma Serwah, a professional actress and fashion designer, has shared on e.TV Ghana some types of kisses, what they truly mean and how they help in a relationship.

Speaking with host, Adwen the Love Doctor on Ghana’s number one adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’, she noted that people take kisses for granted because they are ignorant of the benefits that it has and how it even helps in communicating indirectly to our partners.

Detailing on some types of kisses and their meanings, she started with forehead kisses. “When you kiss someone’s forehead, it means I care about you so if you’re having an argument with your girlfriend and you hold her right and give her a forehead kiss, you’ll realize she’ll start to calm down.”

According to her, a simple forehead kiss can resolve conflicts in a relationship because it is an indirect way to tell your partner that they are more important to you than whatever that fight or argument is about.

She further educated that giving your partner a kiss on the nose is also a way of telling them that they’re cute.

Again, Amma disclosed that kissing the back of the knee joint means "I want to make you feel good." “When your partner gets home tired from work and you get into love-making, you can kiss the back of their knee. That relieves their stress from walking all day,” she said.

Amma Serwah advised couples who are yet to have kids or already have kids not to be shy to kiss each other in front of their kids because that, according to her, is where they should start to learn from.