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Fans throw tantrums after DJ Prytty reveals why she dumped feminism

DJ Prytty has received a lot of backlash and support after she said she dumped ‘feminism’ because according to her, some feminists are hypocrites.

In a recent interview with DJ Prytty said: “I used to consider myself a feminist until I realised that I did not really understand it. I don’t like people who are hypocrites, right? You know people are out there speaking about women rights, but behind closed doors are doing crazy things".

“I will never come out as a feminist because I am in a male-dominated industry, so I have certain scenarios, where I have to, I don’t really have to, water myself down. I deal with men on a daily basis and I realise that they will always think that they are better than women.”

“I used to have this issue where people thought that my dad made my career.”

“I can’t kill myself because I cannot change the way people think.

“All you can change is what you do and how you act. I cannot change what you think about me. I can try and influence it but you are entitled to your own opinion.

“So if we go around as women, trying to change the way men think, we are going to tire ourselves out.

“What we need to do is focus on achieving our own goals, working on our own selves.

“It’s important to talk about these issues and bring them to the surface but you must also limit the amount of attention you give them because the more energy you put into one thing, the less you can into another.”

While some fans were disappointed at her response, others hailed her for it.

Read the comments below

@Vashti: I hope dj prytty knows that Ghanaian men think she’s the wackiest dj out there and that things are just happening for her because of her father???just incase nobody has told her

@LadyDrey: If you watch that Dj prytty video, her accent can throw you off at first, you’ll think she’s saying something sensible but its all dust.

@imlydia: DJ Prytty has a whole foundation that does real work helping girls, DJ Prytty is what e-feminists wish they were.

@hafsah: Dj Prytty thinks people look down on her in her industry because she is a woman but at this same time she doesn’t think feminism will solve that issue..???????????? time out please.

@slay_targaryen:What I took from DJ Prytty was: 1. Some feminists are hypocrites, so I dropped it. Which is like saying some Christians are hypocrites, so now I'm an atheist. 2. You can't change the oppressors' opinion, so why bother. Your average Nigerian's attitude to systems of oppression.

@itskofigh: Feminism is a genuine struggle for equity and equality. I think its Bullcrap for DJ Prytty to say the reason she stopped being one is cos of hypocrites, their hypocrisy did not/will not stop you from being a real feminist.

@cocolady_:prytty went online to go and embarrass herself but you know what? we'll keep fighting for what it is we want freedom for.

@realDewoye:Leave DJ Prytty alone.Face your bitterness in peace.She doesn't want to be among women who hate men for no justifiable reason because that's much of the feminism we see in Ghana & Instagram.

Well the DJ deleted the post when the tantrums got hot.