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Fans must stop sugarcoating their feedback to us – Adjetey Anang

Adjetey Anang is a popular Ghanaian actor cum director Adjetey Anang is a popular Ghanaian actor cum director

Adjetey Anang has asked fans to give genuine observations about his craft and not beat around the bush

•The actor said fans often shy away from pointing out their mistakes which could be disastrous

• He said negative feedback from fans is equally important as the positive ones

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Anang has cited insincere feedback from fans and their inability to draw important messages from movie storylines as two of his greatest fears.

According to Adjetey Anang, fans play an integral role in the life of celebrities and as such it is important to receive sincere observations from them.

“Because it’s Adjetey Anang you can’t tell him that he goofed and I think that sometimes our audiences are not sincere with us. They want to thrive on the fact that all is good, but we need that honesty from them,” he stated during a discussion with JoyFM.

Recounting instances where viewers do not get the importance of movie storylines, Adjetey Anang said he realized during an interaction with fans that they do not draw any message from the movies they watch.

“The feedback that I get and they are in two folds, one is when I know for a fact that, that was not my best and the people are like wow! You did well. They talk of very little things like oh the movie was nice, I just love the way you acted, something is wrong somewhere,” he stressed.