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Entertainment of Wednesday, 12 January 2022


Empress Gifty calls out Nigerian gospel singers for not supporting her colleagues

Empress Gifty chides Nigerian gospel artistes

No Nigerian artiste will accompany a Ghanaian gospel artiste on a radio tour, Empress Gifty

Shatta was right for calling out Nigerian artistes, Empress Gifty

The Shatta Wale of the Ghanaian gospel industry, Empress Gifty has called out Nigerian gospel musicians for failing to reciprocate the love and support shown them by her colleagues and Ghanaians.

According to her, gospel singers from the most populated African country do not accord Ghanaians respect when it comes to music promotion.

Speaking in a live video, Empress Gifty praised dancehall musician, Shatta Wale for having the balls to call out Nigerian circular artistes over their failure to play and promote Ghanaian songs in their country as they do for them.

She said: "I heard Shatta Wale making a point, as I always say, Shatta makes wise submissions. His only problem is the delivery. He speaks with passion and love, so e always goes overboard because he gets emotional. Everything Shatta said was filled with wisdom, lets take out the insults and let's discuss what he said... nobody in the gospel industry can speak like how Shatta did, except me, the game-changer. I can tell you the truth."

Also touching on the appalling behaviour of Nigerians, she questioned why for a long time, no Ghanaian artiste has headlined any of their gospel events.

The 'Eye Woaa' crooner alleged that no Nigerian gospel singer will offer to accompany a Ghanaian artiste on a radio tour when they visit their country.

"I want to speak the fact just to inform the faces of the gospel industry in Ghana. When was the last time a Ghanaian gospel artiste headlined a show in Nigeria? When was the last time? If I can recall, last month or two, I came across a post that indicated that Celestine Donkor was headed for Nigeria for a programme... I want to ask, are Ghanaian gospel musicians given a sounding welcome in Nigeria when they visit as we do for them?

"When was the last time a Nigerian singer led a Ghanaian to a radio tour in their country? When was the last time? Even when they come to Ghana, some of them don't want to take pictures with us Ghanaians who have done all the publicity ahead of their coming... when a Nigerian artiste is billed for a show in Ghana, they only post the event flyer on their social media pages a day before they coming," said Empress Gifty.