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Entertainment of Thursday, 29 July 2021


Ekow Blankson’s key indicators to note when switching between brands

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Mr. Ekow Blankson Veteran Ghanaian actor, Mr. Ekow Blankson

Veteran Ghanaian actor and Commerce Director of AfricaWeb, Mr. Ekow Blankson, has shared with younger corporate workers what should be their key focus points when switching between brands.

Interviewed by host, Rev. Erskine on Ghana’s favourite youth empowerment programme, the Y-Leaderboard series, he stated that first of all, “money should not move you. What should move you is satisfaction.”

Ekow noted that all through his years of working, he has never been moved by money or decided to leave any job for another because of money because the bigger priority is feeling satisfied with the work that you have done or are doing even if the money is not enough.

Secondly, he quizzed, “What can you do for the company? How can you move the company forward and not begin to think that why am I doing this for my company if it’s not about me? For me, I think you should do it for your company and then you can talk about it just like I’m sitting here talking about things that I have done and how I’ve moved.”

Ekow shared per his experience that putting in ideas or initiatives for the company you work with may not bring the profits directly to you, however, it adds up to your experience, hence, it is very important.

He also added that one can only do such things for the company they work with if they are passionate about the job and are not just being driven by the money.

On that note, he again emphasized on the need to be passionate about the things we do and not be money-driven.

“Know what you can do or what extra value you’re bringing to the business that you are doing or switching to,” he further counselled.