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Edem explains why ladies are attracted to 'happily' married artistes

Rapper Edem   Photo credit: Baby Shot It Rapper Edem Photo credit: Baby Shot It

Edem speaks on family and music

Rapper says his private marriage saves him from drama

Edem on why he took a break from music

Rapper Edem is among Ghanaian artistes who pride themselves in their family, a reason he continues to make sacrifices for his wife and three children even at the expense of his music career.

According to the rapper, single ladies find his kind attractive due to their personality. They give little attention to their wives or their marital status. It is, therefore, necessary for these male celebrities to tread cautiously or risk facing a crisis in their marriage.

"If somebody likes you, it is not because of your wife. It is because of your personality and so they don't think about your wife. They feel you are nice or very kind and so marriage is not a roadblock for a lot of people," he explained in an interview with blogger Zionfelix.

The rapper who has been married to Stacey Osekere for eight years shares three children with her. He explained that his partner doesn't like the spotlight, one reason why he settled on her.

"My marriage life is private and so it has saved me a lot of drama. It has been amazing...marriage is not entirely sweet. It is stressful, and the responsibilities are very stressful but it is worth it."

Edem noted that his family caused him to take a break from music at a time when he wasn't giving them enough attention. However, that period paved way for him to rebrand, a decision he hasn't regretted.

"When you are a family man, it takes you away for some time. Also, I have been around for some time and there are things I feel I should do differently. I wanted to reinvent myself differently, look back at my brand and the approach to use differently and what to do to advance in the new market. I agree that because I rap in Ewe, I have to be very strategic for longevity.

"Every discussion has its effects but not in a negative way. Family is a beautiful thing but it puts me in a situation where I had to relook at a few's been eight years in marriage but I have known my wife since 2009," Edem added.

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