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Don't wait until marriage to have fun - Edna Addo

Entrepreneur, Edna Addo play videoEntrepreneur, Edna Addo

Edna Addo speaks on enjoying one's single days

Edna Addo says dating comes with experiences

You don't have to date 20 people for the perfect one, men told

Waiting till marriage to enjoy your life or engage in all the fun things that excite you can sometimes leave you disappointed.

It is good to tick your bucket list and also enjoy your single days, this is according to Entrepreneur, Edna Addo, who has admonished men and women to live their best life whilst waiting for Mr or Mrs Right.

While some women find love in the eyes of men, Edna has countered that no one should be in charge of their happiness.

She made these statements on Moans & Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV with host, Paula Amma Broni on the topic "I wish I had dated more before marriage."

She intimated that keeping multiple partners all in the name of exploring to find the best husband or wife won't leave you satisfied. Once you know what works for you, all your energy should be centered on dating the one who matches up to your level.

"Dating 10 or 20 people won't determine who you really are. However, experiences will let you know that this is something I don't want in a man and based on that, you can be able to tell that maybe I don't want a man who is too argumentative. I don't like a man who complains too much, a man who boasts about what he has. Or the man who doesn't treat the house help well.

"All of these things through experiences will tell you what you are looking for. If we are talking about lifestyle, you do need to be married to have fun. If you are marrying the person that understands you, one that you guys are so compatible with and did not just marry because of society, you'll have fun when you step out...knowing yourself will let you have fun whether you are married or not," she explained.

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