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Don’t give up the ‘cookie’ easily – Actress advises women on how to keep a stable relationship

Cecilia sharing her views during Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWebTV play videoCecilia sharing her views during Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWebTV

• Cecilia says women should abstain from pre-marital sex to establish lasting respect in a relationship

• According to the actress, the commitment level of men depreciates when pre-marital sex is constantly practiced

• She said men were raised with the mentality that pre-marital sex is a sin

Ghanaian actress, Cecilia Anno-Barnier has advised ladies to desist from indulging in premarital sex in order to maintain respect in their relationship.

Buttressing her point, Cecilia said men nowadays fail to respect women after sex or in extreme cases dump them.

“What I have witnessed over the time is that the respect of the woman when sex before marriage is practised goes down. They don’t treasure the woman as they should. If you’d ask me I think ladies should wait before giving up the cookie. Once you lose that respect it’s very hard to regain it and the commitment level goes down,” Cecilia observed during a discussion on Moans and Cuddles.

“With women, you are coming into us. You are coming into my soul and leaving a piece of you in there. We are like the centerpiece,” she added.

She said African men were raised with the mentality that sex before marriage is a sin so in most cases, they would want to experiment.

“African brothers have been raised in such a way that they have been informed not to indulge in sex before marriage. So any time they do it, they don’t take it seriously. They always just want to try and this is due to how they were raised.”

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