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Entertainment of Tuesday, 22 June 2021


Disrespectful artistes have no home training – Ola Michael

Ola Michael Ola Michael

Flim producer and entertainment critic Ola Michael has blamed the shameful attitude of some artists on their poor upbringing. He said that some disrespectful artists come from a home with no proper training.

Ola Michael made this assertion sharing his view on the relationship between artists and the media on United Showbiz. He said the relationship between these two fractions is dependent on the individuals within the two units.

He further explained that depending on the team and management under which an artist finds themselves goes a long way to affect how they treat others and the media.

According to Ola Michael, sometimes their actions are orchestrated in a way that would make them trend. Unfortunately, these actions may disrespect the host or media house even though that wasn’t the primary intent.

He said, “First of all, respect depends on one’s upbringing. How and where you were brought up has so much impact on how you relate to people. So even though you have become famous, you still have respect for others. Not so? Because that was how you were trained from home. Your stardom has not overshadowed your training.”

“Some people don’t have that training. So when they become famous, they don’t respect anyone. Unless they have someone like Bullgod to tell him to hold on because the industry works on mutualism. You need to respect the person and let the person respect you. So some artists are disrespectful whilst others are nothing to write home about.”

He reiterated that home training plays a very major. So, the absence of it fuels their misbehaviour.