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Days of hunger and torn clothes drove you to success – Sarkodie’s manager

Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town, has revealed the driving force that motivated Sarkodie to success.

In a long birthday wish he sent to Sarkodie on the occasion of his birthday, Angel Town revealed how the ‘Highest’ rapper had to endure tough times in the past to get to where he is now.

But for celebrating a successful musician like Sarkodie, Angel Town wouldn’t have opened up on these hard times they endured together.

The wish is emotional, but then motivational seeing how Sarkodie has risen from abject poverty to become the rich and successful person he is now. According to Angel Town, Sarkodie used to wear torn clothes and could go hungry for days.

He revealed also how they both could walk long distance because they couldn’t afford money for transportation. Angel Town further disclosed that at a point they had to borrow money for trotro, but that was still not enough so they devised a plan to walk halfway into the journey.

At a point in his wish, he wrote: “Bro let me just save those memories fast forward woke..” as if he had spilt out those secrets mistakenly. Getting to their destination with dusty and dirty feet often get them sent back without accomplishing their mission, Angel Town also disclosed.

Reminiscing about the past, Sarkodie’s manager has rejoiced over the fact that those hard times have passed, and today, they own expensive cars. He also rejoiced that they no longer wear torn clothing, but can afford everything they desire.

Sarkodie is so far Ghana’s most successful rapper since he rose to fame in 2009 following his debut: ‘Baby’ featuring Mugees of R2Bees fame. He has since not relented on his effort to release hit upon hit songs.

Sarkodie has a beautiful daughter, Adalyn Owusu-Addo, affectionately called Titi with his baby mama, Tracy Sarkcess. They two will walk down the aisle this month of July, according to reports.

Yo are you doing happy to see how far we hv come together ... we hv come such a long way from those hard sad mad bad days of hunger n torn clothes?? to today that we even have an option what to eat and we got decent shirts too????????...those days of walking everywhere we had to be and get there with dusty and dirty feet’s and Get sent back ??????????? to today that we drive our own cars get chauffeured around and sometimes even escorted by the police with so much attention oh Yh n we got some clean sweet shoes and sneakers now ???? from those days that I escorted you walk half way through a journey cos the borrowed money that we had cldnt pay for the full fare and could only cover one persons trotro fare from that half way point to the destination and I walk back home to now that we fly first n business class around the world Bro ??????let me just save those memories fast forward woke up seen everybody posting you everywhere saying some really dope stuff about you and Yh your photos am seeing geeeez what happened to your over drawn jaw line n your super skinny self ???????????? they calling you cool names tooo I heard people say KING SARK others said LIVING LEGEND and ooh even that really sick new talent @kwesiarthur_ said they call you LANDLORD am like huh ???????? in recent times they said sark is a ???? G.O.A.T GREATEST OF ALL TIME chaiii ???????????????????????? and it’s all reality bro for a second I thought it was a dream.... am so happy I met I have learnt a lot...experienced so much...met so many great people through you and through what we sooo proud of you and despite all the greatness you attained you never left me behind u never said my pace was slowing you down but rather you came along with me and here we are today... not to say that we are the most successful human beings alive but yo from my selling ice water on the motorway days to where I am today that people can’t even believe I ever sold anything is such a transition today I celebrate you Michael....happy G day my gee...God bless your +1 celebrate life @sarkodie SHINE

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