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Entertainment of Monday, 28 February 2022


Controversy hits Black Sherif’s camp, investor considering lawsuit

Black Sherif [L]

Black Sherif accused breaching contract

Madonna 'fights' Chavis over contract with Black Sherif

DJ Slim makes allegations against Black Sherif

Fast-rising musician Black Sherif has been hit with a barrage of accusations after he allegedly ditched his investor and manager Snap Chavis Wayne.

The musician is said to have gone behind Snap Chavis and signed a contract with Empire Entertainment, a US-based record label despite the investor’s misgivings about the said deal.

In the last couple of days, DJ Slim, a Kumasi-based broadcaster has been heard on countless occasions spewing what he claimed to be the facts of the matter.

Among others, a livid DJ Slim claimed that Black Sherif had moved out from a 7-bedroom house given him by Chavis after they [Chavis and Sherif] signed a contract that made Chavis the financier of Sherif. Blacko, as the musician is affectionately called, was also accused of abandoning a Tundra vehicle, shoes and other stuff Chavis provided to make his (Sherif) work easier.

Corroborating DJ Slim’s claims, Kwaku Kristo, the personal assistant to Chavis said on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Saturday, that his boss has a five-year contract with Black Sherif. However, the musician has failed to respect the agreement.

“We were approached by Black Sherif and his crew that they needed someone to invest in them and manage them. He asked them what they needed, they listed them and he made provisions for them. My boss signed a contract with them on 18th August 2021. The contract was for five years”, Kwaku Kristo said in Twi.

Giving details of the contract, Kristo said: “We signed a contract to market his product so we get our investment back. Empire brought a deal, my boss perused it but was not happy about the content. Later, we realized that Black Sherif had gone behind us to sign the contract and that was the beginning of the brouhaha.”

On the back of suggestions that his boss should consider a lawsuit if indeed their claims are true, Kristo said they had contacted their lawyers.

“We’ve spoken to our lawyers and we’re waiting for their advice”, he noted.

Black Sherif and financier, Snap Chavis Wayne. Image: Snap Chavis Wayne/Facebook


Response from Black Sherif’s camp

Skirth Madonna who has been the manager of Black Sherif from day one has however rubbished the claims. He has in several interviews labeled the claims as ‘agenda’ aimed at distracting his artiste.

A puzzled Madona told Kwasi Aboagye of Peace FM that there was no iota of truth in the claims.

“Hundred percent of what they’re saying are lies”, Madona fought back, stressing that Chavis is a company friend whose investment has not been put to use yet.

In a separate interview with Prince Tsegah of Hitz FM, Madonna stated: “Snap came on board as an investor. We started working with him after Second Sermon, and the only we project we released under his support was Second Sermon Remix… and even with that, his investment wasn’t neck-deep into the project. The production of the remix and shooting of the video was funded by Empire.”

“Of course, Snap sorted us out with some few things – he provided us with shelter. He didn’t buy any house for Black Sherif as speculated on social media. It was his house, and we were all living in it including Snap himself and his boys,” Madonna added.

Kristo rebuts Madonna’s response

Kwaku Kristo has insisted that Madonna’s ‘company friend’ claim is false. He explained that Chavis has been a part of negotiations for Black Sherif since the contract was signed.

“We have witnesses in the media. You call someone a company friend yet call the person to review your contract and take the money in your stead. So, if we were just company friends, why were we doing these because Delay brought HD advertisement. Ask her who she dealt with before the deal was sealed”, Kristo stated.

“Abeiku Santana also did a project with Black Sherif; ask Abeiku who he dealt with and how Chavis was referred to at the time. I have documents”, he said while handing them over to Kwasi Aboagye.

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