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Entertainment of Saturday, 21 August 2021


Bloggers only focus on churning out bad news about us – Lekzy Decomic

Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy Decomic Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy Decomic

Renowned Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy Decomic, has told Happy FM that he does not understand why bloggers only like to focus on putting out negative news about comedians more than writing about their good works.

He was interviewed on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After-Drive show where he put forward this observation. He asserted that there have been instances where foreign comedians have come to Ghana and flopped at events but no one talks about it. “Last December, a lot of them came and it didn’t go well yet no one mentioned it but let a Ghanaian flop, it will be all over the news”, he said.

According to him, it looks like bloggers have more interest in their failures than their successes. Sharing some instances to support his observation, he reported that, “There was a Glo laughterfest event sometime back and Foster was there, Jacinta, Waris, DKB and other comedians were also present. DKB and the others did really well but Foster flopped that day”.

Lekzy stated that that was the first time Foster was having a bad time yet no blogger bothered to write that the Ghanaian comedians did well at the event. Rather, they all centered their attention on Foster’s one-time bad performance.

He commented that this was a very bad thing to do because obviously, as the auditorium cannot take the whole country, people who could not make it to the event would be looking forward to getting their own feel of the event from online publications. However, if the publications they see all talk about how one comedian flopped, then there would be no motivation for them to go for another comedy programme and this will in turn kill the Ghanaian comedy industry.

The comedian advised that bloggers should channel the energy that they use to churn out negative news, to also churn out positive news surrounding these same Ghanaian comedians instead of asking them to pay to have the positive news published.