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LifeStyle of Tuesday, 22 June 2021


Avoid 'doggy' if your manhood is small – Sex coach to men

According to Dr Dzifa, a small penis cannot give a woman good pleasure According to Dr Dzifa, a small penis cannot give a woman good pleasure

Renowned Ghanaian sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has advised that men with small manhoods should try as much as possible to limit or avoid having sex with their partners employing the ‘doggy’ style because their manhood is not fit for it.

Speaking with Justice Boakye Danquah, popularly known as Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment programme ‘In Bed with Adwen’, she detailed that some men have very small penises that are annoyingly small both in length and width and they look like pins.

This type of penis, according to her, cannot give a woman good pleasure using the doggy style because it cannot even reach the vagina, hence, there is barely any feeling. “Even if the penis is big but short, she can feel that something is penetrating but if your penis is almost as small as a pin, you shouldn’t like doggy so much. You can try it once a while but it shouldn’t be an everyday thing”, she said.

Dzifa gave a solution that men with small penises should focus more on foreplay. “If your penis is small, make foreplay your pillar. You don’t have any other option so learn how to give good foreplay. Give her cunnilingus and when she’s about to squirt, tell her to hold it in and keep licking till she cries and begs for the penis”, she hinted.

According to the sex coach, if the foreplay is good enough, the woman would have already had multiple orgasms, hence, she would not be so focused on how small the penis is or the fact that the sexual intercourse may not be good enough.