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Entertainment of Saturday, 21 August 2021


Amerado has wasted Obibini’s time – Nana Yaw Wiredu

Nana Yaw Wiredu play videoNana Yaw Wiredu

Entertainment analyst and director of, Nana Yaw Wiredu, is of the view that Amerado has rather benefited from the beef with Obibini.

The two rappers, in the last couple of days, became the subject for discussion following their decision to release diss tracks in their bid to prove superiority over the other. Obibini’s ‘Deceased’ elicited a response from Amerado as the latter released ‘The Throne’. Hours later, Obibini released ‘Carcass’. Although Amerado decided to not reply, Obibini released another titled ‘Wudinis’ and has been granting interviews with the conversation still centered on the beef.

Making a submission on GhanaWeb TV’s Bloggers’ Forum hosted by Abrantepa, Nana Yaw Wiredu said unlike Obibini, Amerado has benefited from the beef. According to him, the Mic Burners’s artiste is enjoying unsolicited hype.

“It is untrue that Obibini has had media attention because of this beef. When he released ‘Get a Life’, he was everywhere. This beef never resurrected Obibini; it has rather wasted his time,” Nana Yaw Wiredu said.

“Obibini just released ‘Yardie’ with Stonebwoy on it and you say this beef has helped him when everybody is playing ‘Deceased’ and ‘Carcass’ which will not get him booked for a show? It has wasted Obibini’s time and helped Amerado because Obibini is already known as a rapper but people chose to not follow his works because you thought he’s not had any major hit.”

He continued: Obibini has being going on a media tour but who is the most-talked about? It’s Amerado because when he sits in front of you, your first two or three questions are about Amerado; before he leaves, it’ll be Amerado because Amerado is not replying him yet. Amerado is wasting Obibini’ time.”

Arguing further, Nana Yaw Wiredu could not fathom why Obibini, despite having a commercial song, would be focused on proving his mettle in the rap game when he is already considered as a good rapper.

“Imagine if Obibini had released visuals for ‘Yardie’ after ‘Deceased’ like Amerado did for ‘We Outside’, by now, when he goes for an interview, ‘Yardie’ would be in the conversation because it featured Stonebwoy. How did you leave such a great song to go and fight? How do you do your mathematics?

Amerado is using Obibini to double his numbers. In this country, everybody is talking about one boy who has not replied a certain rapper. When they check him out and notice he’s good, he ends up building his fanbase,” Nana Yaw Wiredu added.

Watch Nana Yaw's submission from the 31st minute of the video below.